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JZ Partners provides services and solutions in the areas of Basel II, risk management and compliance. We can help you in the following ways:

  • Training. We offer training courses in the areas of credit risk, the Basel Accord and regulatory compliance. Please visit our dedicated Training area to see the calendar for our upcoming public training schedule. We can also offer customised and on-demand training.
  • Subject matter expertise. We have specialist knowledge in the areas of credit risk management, the Basel Accord, regulatory compliance, data collection, data analysis and credit risk modelling techniques.
  • Project management and guidance. With experience of end-to-end risk management projects at international banks, we can provide project management, oversight and guidance.
  • Consulting. We are keen problem solvers with experience of a wide variety of techniques and tools. We are passionate about understanding the challenges our clients face, and dedicated to finding the most effective solution.
  • Vendor evaluation. With experience of several established Basel II methodologies and technologies, we are the ideal partner to provide independent evaluation of software solutions. We can help with development of RFI and RFP material, evaluation of vendor response and guidance through Proof of Concept engagements.
  • Compliance Assessment. We act as independent agents for clients to assess the current level of compliance with Basel II regulations. We can provide validation services both for your enterprise risk management framework and for your risk measurement models and systems.
  • Scoring Solutions. We are highly experienced in development of credit scoring models, credit management systems, fraud detection modelling and collections scoring. We provide sophisticated and focussed software solutions supported with expert consulting expertise.